Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail via Splinters Cabin in Cedar Glen

     It’s February 12 2014 and I just spent half an hour sun bathing in a sports bra at 4,500 feet.
     No this is not the fantasy of some one living in snowy Michigan right now.

    This is southern California and yes I feel blessed to be a tan Californian sunning myself like a lizard on a granite rock next to freezing cold snow run off creek water but even as I am enjoying this hot chunk of granite my heart breaks for the drought we have had this winter and the fire season to come.
    God bless this 73 degree California day, but I hope that we get some rain and some snow real soon.
    We just ran five miles of the Pacific Crest Trail through a forest that used to be lush with cedars and manzanita. This area of the forest burned years ago in one of the massive wild fires that swept through Southern California. As a local I know what a dry fire means and I know what fires can do. I remember what this area was before the big fire.

    At least the mountainsides in this area are beginning to return to their hay day of green rolling hills as far as the eye can see. This is a pretty hike on a spring morning.
      My bff and I ran this trail in the hot, feels like eighties but it was probably more like high sixties February sunshine. It was a gorgeous morning at just above 4,500 feet.
      I suggest doing this hike on a winter day, this area is lower in elevation than a lot of mountain trails and during a normal winter this trail is usually not to snowy.

Details for the PCT Hike, departing from Splinter’s Cabin in Cedar Glen
What you will need for this hike:
Sunscreen, snacks, 1-3 liters of water depending on how many miles you want to do.
First aid kit, wide brimmed hat

How much altitude you will encounter:
On 2/12/14 we did five miles with about a five hundred foot altitude gain, the altitude gain is gradual for the whole hike so if you do ten miles assume it will be about one thousand feet.
This hike starts at about 4,500 feet, almost the high desert.

How long is this hike:
Today we did a five mile trail run.
You could do two miles here, you could do thirty miles. The PCT runs from Mexico to Canada so the choices are endless.  This trail is a gradual uphill leaving Cedar Glen and heading towards Green valley Lake.
It does get hot fast on a warm day ( Like over 70 degrees) so plan to do it early in the day and bring extra water if you plan to go far.
It’s also very dry back here so be on the look out for rattlers.

Extra gear you may need: Bathing suits and canned beer to relax at the creek after the hike
How do I get there?
From the Lake Arrowhead area take Hook Creek Road until it turns to dirt, follow this road about a mile. Drive slow, the speed limit is 10 MPH and the corners are tight.
When you get to the V in the road at the white sign, go left.
Follow this road half a mile, through the creek crossing, at the next V there is a gate, some times locked, make a right at this V and follow this road to the Splinters Cabin parking area.
There are pit toilets here.
The hike starts at the trailhead that crosses the creek. When you get to the bridge, you will see a sign for the PCT, make a right across the bridge and follow the PCT to Mexico!
Local Lowdown:
The best thing about doing a five mile run on the PCT?
Having a bacon blue cheese burger with a coffee shake at the Malt Shoppe on Hook Creek Road after your hike!
Everything on their menu is amazing!