Greek Yogurt with Date Tamarind Chutney

“Trekking poles are for walking and not fetching!” Just one of the things I may or may not have hollered at Carly on our nature walk this morning.

I may be disabled and mostly out of commission as far as the working out goes but that doesn’t mean Carly gets to be a couch potato.  If I want to keep her moving forward towards being a polite well behaved dog than getting her on the trail helps emensly. I personally feel better when I get out and just move and don’t sit on the couch all day feeling like a cripple. Believe me, these days I have lots of those days.

Mary, Charlie, Carly and I did an easy three mile dog walk in the wilderness today and I feel phenomenal afterwards! I can easily say I have no pain in my sciatica at the moment. I do have occasional numbness from my angry degenerative disks pressing on my nerves like a little bitch ( a little bitch I can barely feel!) but after a very not strenuous at all dog walk I feel great tonight!

Okay maybe that’s because I  am at home with a vodka, grapefruit and soda water and I’m currently in the jacuzzi with Epsom salts but still… 
Days like today I feel like recovery is not just a dream and maybe just maybe it can happen with out spine surgery.

That was a good day. After a great workout this is one of my favorite healthy deserts.

Greek Yogurt With Tamarind Chutney and    alnuts

1/2 cup Greek Yogurt

2 teaspoons Tamarind date chutney

2 teaspoons walnuts

Combine all in a mason jar.

The tamarind date chutney is available on


  1. Farrah

    I’ve never heard of tamarind date chutney, but it sounds like it’d be really good! :] I love souping up my greek yogurt with toppings! 😀

  2. jill conyers

    I’ve never tried a date chutney but it sounds like a great topping for yogurt. Thanks for linking up with the #fitfam and sharing the yumminess!

  3. Jessica Joy @The Fit Switch

    I love your go-to attitude. Ok, that’s sounds really cheesy, but seriously, you have all the reason stay on the couch, but you don’t, and you cash in on the endorphins and try to stay optimistic. THAT is inspiring. And, I LOVE these photos – they make me feel so happy, and make me want to get out and hike myself. THanks so much for sharing, and that chutney?! Oh my, looks like exotic heaven. Take care!

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