Greek Yogurt Adobe Sauce

  Waking up in a ski tell is a fantastic feeling. Living in a ski town is even better. Us locals don’t even care when we wake up and it’s 25°  degrees and it’s not even late fall as we step into our Subaru’s, windows frosted over from the night before. 25° at dawn means it’s going to be a warm day!

On a cold fall day this chili sauce is just great! You will want to spread it on everything!

This recipe may only be two ingredients but this sauce is beyond amazing.

             It is fantastic in tacos.

             It tastes great with some breakfast eggs and avocado.

            Spread it on a roast beef sandwich.


Greek Yogurt Adobe Sauce

1 cup Greek Yogurt

4 teaspoons adobe sauce from the can of adobe chilies

1-4 adobe chilies (Depending on how spicy you prefer your sauce)

Combine all in the nutri bullet


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