Disgruntled Republican Road Trip, Part One

It was late November and it was time for these two disgruntled republicans to hit the open road.

I had spent fifteen years of my life working in retail and I never got to experience the fun of the holiday season as a spectator and not a frazzled, exhausted retail employee. It’s so different to get used to this kind of life.. Christmas parties? Yes!

New Year’s Eve plans? Sure?

Champagne night again? Why not!

Road trip to the central coast for some beach camping just days before Thanksgiving? Hell yea!image

Of course any road trip can not commence without a stop at Whole Foods for extremely expensive mushrooms, sour beers that are more pricey than gasoline and a whole ton of fancy cheeses. So yes, we made a pit stop at the San Luis Obispo Whole Foods before continuing up Los Osos way for some much-needed beach relaxation time.

We arrived at Morro Strand Camp Ground with plenty of time to set up camp and go for a run at the beach during a phenomenal Central Coast sunset. The Central Coast; is it ever not gorgeous here?