Does a Bra Poop in the Woods?

    The morning forest is quiet.
    I just ran four miles through these woods last night but that was before I ingested four cookies worth of raw cookie dough last night.
    Don’t judge me.
    It was to hot to turn on the oven?
   That was how I rationalized it anyways.
    So here I am; five fifteen in the morning sun barely peaking over the horizon as giant pink and red clouds fill the summer sky and I’m running up Coyote Rock Trail again, just like I did the night before ( or six hours ago anyways)
     I really couldn’t sleep last night, so it makes sense that I got up at dawn since I wasn’t sleeping anyways. I don’t know if my nocturnal malfunction had to do with the coconut oil, organic sugar and raw egg churning in my stomach or the emotions running through me of shitty friends who lie and use drugs than lie about it some more and just all together piss me off for trusting such pathetic human beings.
     So my reasoning for running at the ungodly right after dawn hour had to do with insomnia, way to much sugar consumed and oh yeah, also today was supposed to be the hottest day we would see all summer in my little mountain town ( 85 degrees! Gasp!) so if I was going to get some miles under my Asic Running shoes it had to be right after sunrise.
     I was running fast (Well, for me) at a twelve minute mile pace up hill when I came around a corner and thought I saw a chocolate lab out of the corner of my eye.
    This was over three miles into my run and I was at least a mile from the nearest road at this point.
    This was not a normal place for a city dog to hang out.
    Except it wasn’t a city dog.
    It was a good sized black bear for our area.
   I was on the part of the trail at this point that had once been a old logging road and stopped to just stare at the big bear in all his glory as he stood on the crest of the hill.
    I did have my IPhone in my hand at that moment but in my hurry I couldn’t get my password in quick enough as the big creature gave me a final look and meandered back into the forest.
    It amazed me for such a huge animal, he had to have been at least three hundred pounds, he barely made a sound as he crunched over the fallen pine leaves and branches as he wandered away.
    I would have thought a bear would have made a lot more noise as it traveled through the woods.
    I tried to post a blurb to the Facebook after this
    “Best part of my 5.5 mile run this A.M. seeing a bear on the early morning trail! So worth getting up at 4:45!”
    But unfortunately I accidently turned bear into bra.