Creamy Cheesy Adobe Chili Sauce

Trekking up and down autumn leave covered mountain trails usually has me craving a good hearty snack by the time my ten or twelve mile trek through an autumn forest is complete. What is a snack without adobe chilies? Mix together adobe chilies and cream cheese and you have a recipe for delicious perfection. Last year I blogged about putting a little spice in your life with adobe chilies.adobe chili

This cheesy dip is delicious well, on basically anything. It’s great just as a party dip with tortilla or sweet potato chips. It’s awesome in a baked sweet potato. I pretty much have to add this sauce to any taco I make, whether it’s a fish taco or a carnitas taco, it needs creamy adobe sauce.  I’ll admit, I even add these to my eggs in the morning or on a breakfast sandwich with eggs and bacon. (Who knew an egg McMuffin could taste this good?)

What does this delicious and oh so creamy dip have to do with fall colors, falling leaves and Ugg boots? Nothing says autumn like acorn squash and this easy to make, two ingredient dip is just fantastic shmeered on half of a baked acorn squash. Obviously, the moral of this story is grab a bagel, a acorn squash, a taco or basically anything and add a dab of Creamy Cheesy Adobe Sauce to it and spice up your life just a bit!adobe chili

                                                                                    Tis the season! For pumpkin and squash!

Creamy Cheesy Adobe Chili Sauceadobe chili

  • Cream Cheese
  • Adobe chilies

That’s it. Thats the magical life changing spicy cheese sauce.Open the can of adobe chilis and cut up the whole chilies with scissors. You can add half adobe chilis and sauce and half cream cheese if you want it really spicy. If you want to make it spicy add mostly the tomato sauce the chilies are packed in, and less actual chilies. Mix it all up with a fork and serve!

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