A Night in Venezia

It was our fourth night in Venice, at the end of day four of having way to much fun on the city that sits on ancient wooden stilts in the middle of the Adriatic Sea. It was also the first night of Carneval.

My head was reeling from the discovery that yes indeed I do like white wine. Maybe I had a few pinot grigios crisp and cool as the evening turned to night and I strolled through the alleyways of Venezia, Italy. It was a week of getting lost in Venezia and drunk on amazing Italian coastal cuisine and maybe a little sparkling prosecco. Oh to be twenty five! I used to be able to get drunk on prosecco? I used to drink sweet wine?! That night wandering the streets of Venice seems so long ago.Venezia

I had blown all my money on cichetti which are like the tapas you find in Spain; octopus filled tiny appitizers and rolled eggplant, aubergines as they call them in the UK and abroad. The Italian street vendors were trying to haggle with our group to buy some knock off Coach purses or something like that. Couldn’t they see from my pudgy cheeks that I had already blown all my euros on gelato!?

We made our way back towards our hotel in St Mark’s Square, making our way across the Piazza and I felt so very blessed to be here, on this freezing cold night, miles away from home and in such an incredible city in the middle of the sea.