Campo San Barnaba

    After running thirteen miles this afternoon on my day off I was completely exhausted. I was so tired I could barely drive home. I actually cancelled plans with friends because all I wanted to do when I got home was sit on my couch, watch movies, and try to enjoy my fancy beer without falling asleep.
    I cracked open my Rouge Brewery Hazelnut Ale and settled in for a Indiana Jones marathon.
   Its truly amazing to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark on a HD TV and think, wow this movie is thirty two years old? The picture is so clear (And Harrison Ford is so hot!) it seems hard to imagine I am watching a movie that was made when I was in diapers still.
    I was watchimng my favorite Indiana Jones movie, The Last Crusade, hours later (I don’t know how I was still awake!) and as I was watching the scenes filmed in Venice I thought, damn that church that the library scene is filmed in looks so familiar.
   I googled locations where this movie was filmed and this scene was actually shot at Campo San Barnaba.
   When I was on holiday in Venice with friends about five years ago we had stayed in St Mark’s Square, which is just across the Grand Canal from the Campo San Barnaba. It is possible that we saw this magnificent church while on our walking tour we took one day of the vacation through the cobbled streets of Venice. It seems like I would have rememebered being told Indiana Jones was filmed at that location though, but what I remember most from that tour were that my feet hurt walking all over Venice for four days in my Ugg boots!
    The Campo San Barnaba sits not to far from the Rialto Bridge where we would cross the Grand Canal on most days to get started exploring for the day and its pretty close to the famous Harry’s Bar where we enjoyed bellenis one afternoon. It is possible that we strolled past it on our journey through the city that sits on stilts over the ocean, but there are so many gorgeous old buildings in Venice its hard to remember and pick one out in my distant memories.