Butternut Squash Breakfast “Donuts”

    This last week has been insanely busy.
    Every week I run on average twenty five miles.
    I also have been biking about ten miles a week.
    Plus I work fifty hours in a week.
    Yes last week I stumbled upon a good deal on a gym membership so I joined L.A. Fitness.
    Going to the gym has been stressing me out.
    The top two reasons I wanted a gym membership were to use the sauna and the spa.
    I do enjoy the leg press, the rowing machine and some of the arm and ab machine but mainly I enjoy sweating out all the bad smells in my body in the sauna and giving my back and bad hip some relief in the jacuzzi spa.
    In the last ten days I have realized that I have no time at all to get to the gym and it has been super stressful to try and make an extra hour in my day so I can have time to sweat and boil at the gym.
    It doesn’t help that I have spent the last three weekends away from home in Los Angeles, two hours from my mountain cabin and I just feel like I am being pulled in ten different directions right now.
    I have not even done a run longer than six miles in a month I have just been so damn busy, I have not had the time!
    So my gym membership days have come to an abrupt end.
    I’m cancelling my gym membership today and than making healthy donuts.
    Because they are full of fiber?
    I did fry them in coconut oil; one because I am obsessed with this great fat metabolizing oil, and two because it lends a subtle coconut flavour to the “Donuts”
    You can use Butternut Squash, Acorn Squash or Sweet Potato’s for these delicious autumn squash “Donuts”

Butter Nut Squash “Donuts”

1/2 a butternut squash
1 cup prepared whole grain pancake batter
2 cups coconut oil
1/8 cup organic sugar
1 tsp cinnamon

Cut a butternut or acorn squash in half and roast in the oven at 375 for forty minutes.
Let the squash cool.
Mix together your favorite pancake batter. ( I use whole grain)
Heat the coconut oil.
Cut the squash into wedges and dip each wedge in the pancake batter.
Mix the sugar and cinnamon and set aside.
Fry each butternut squash slice in the coconut oil.
When cooked dredge the slices in the cinnamon sugar.

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  1. Miles

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  2. Diane Balch

    My favorite parts of a gym the sauna and spa of course I don’t have them were I currently work out. Well, your recipe looks delicious thanks for sharing it with us on foodie friday and welcome. You need a button to follow you.

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