The Top of a Mountain, and Buffalo, Corn and Habanero Cheese Tacos

    I thought I had run to the top of Mt Sugar Loaf before.
    Today I discovered, no, the flat area at the top of the mountain that I ran to two years ago is not the summit. It is the mountain next door.
    The top of Mt Sugar Loaf is actually 1.5 miles farther to the west.
    So today at nine a.m. yes I can finally say I summited Mt Sugar Loaf!

    Neither hundreds of bees or aching ankles could keep me away from the top of the mountain this morning! It was a glorious way to spend a autumn morning, in one of my absolute favorite areas of the forest.
    Check out this beautiful view of the Big Bear Valley more than three miles below me!

      While I was running, once I made it this far, about three miles up a very steep trail I felt like I was almost at equal altitude with San G. I felt like it was just across from me and maybe a thousand feet higher than where I currently was running.
    Than I got home and looked at these pictures and saw, um no, San G is way higher than Mt Sugar Loaf.
    I googled the difference; Gorgonio is at over 1,1400 feet and has over four thousand feet altitude gain. Today I did just over 2,400 foot altitude gain, so a nice warm up for San G, but still, no where close to what I will be doing in a few months time.
     Hello San Gorgonio in the distance.

    I am so very happy with myself that I kept going farther on this trail than I did the last time I did this trail a few years ago!
    Actually reaching the Sugar Loaf sign, so worth it!

    I just wish I had found the tin can with the notebook in it to sign my name!

   What tastes delicious after a 11 mile run?
   Buffalo flavoured tacos of course!
   I made these tacos a few days ago at work and my coworkers loved them.
   I love spicy stuff but the habanero hot sauce killed me a bit, but yet I love it so! I find if you mix it with the sour cream it dilutes the heat just enough; perfect!

Buffalo, Corn and Habanero Cheese Tacos

1 cup ground buffalo
1 ear corn on the cob
1/2 cup shredded habanero or other spicy cheddar cheese
1/4 cup sour cream
3-6 splashes habanero hot sauce
1/2 cup romaine lettuce
8 corn whole wheat tortillas  

4 tab coconut oil

Cook the ground buffalo in a sauce pan, add the corn, cut off the cob for just a few minutes at the end.
Mix the hot sauce and the sour cream together.
Fry the tortillas in the coconut oil and layer all the ingredients in a taco shell tortilla.