Blanche Misses Sophia

imageBlanche Misses Sophia.
I’m pretty sure this little golden girl thinks that I’m taking her to “the farm”
This is Carly’s first road trip and it’s a five hour one way road trip to the Eastern Sierras.
To thank me for taking her on vacation she probably ate my sausage croissant as soon as I walked into Von’s to thank me for taking her on vacation.
She’s such a jerk. ( I will repeat those words and call her things a lot worse in the next few days)
Her other shenanigans tonight involved when I gave her a bowl of dog food, she knocked it over in the dirt and tried to bury it.
Bad camping move Carly. Hopefully we don’t have any nighttime visitors from the critters from the smell. I tried to kind of bury it in the dirt but when this happened it was almost dark and I could barely see what I was doing even with the lantern.
Sometimes I call Carly E-ore after a hike. These are the times that she is walking like an old donkey. And than she starts to look at me all sad and home sick like.
This was our first night of vacation and her first night away from home ever. She may be a giant pain in my ass but she is pretty cute. ( I say as I wrap her up like a baby, next to the camp fire in my vintage 70’s beach towel)
Five days later I’m used to that look and completely over her shenanigans and ready to pack up and take us both home.
Unless she pees in my car again; in which case I may drop her off at “the farm”



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