BBQ Bacon Avocado Jalapeno Poppers

The crash and boom of thunderstorms have me enjoying this ever so slight chill in the air on this late summer afternoon. I feel blessed that this humid summer’s day led to a rainy afternoon and that has me craving something hot, spicy and wrapped in bacon; Like Jalapeno Poppers. A Curried Eggplant Tamarind Stew would be fantastic on a chilly rainy summer day. But I would rather sit on my front porch with a hot steamy cup of Baileys and coffee than slave away at the stove for hours finally producing a southern Indian Tamarind tasting curry as our front yard is flooded with more rain than we have seen in months. Rain like this feels magical during a drought. We have been so blessed here this summer in Big Bear Lake California as we have had plenty of rain almost every week. Well except for that one time our house was hit by lighting frying all the electronics through the surge protectors. That was not a blessing.

Jalapeno popper
Leo insists on sharing all my snacks, keto or not.

If you are stuck at home enjoying homemade jalapeno poppers you obviously need a cuddly animal to share the zen-like moment with. Or at least a soft fuzzy animal that might let you pet it if it would just calm down for a few moments and stay still. We adopted these sweet kittens in November and they have barely seen rain in their young lives. I don’t think they have ever witnessed a thunderstorm before today. On this Wednesday morning, both kittens are standing at the back screendoor talking and chirping at the raindrops. It is very cute.

Our new keto snack this week

We consume a lot of chicharrones in our household. They are the keto snack of champions. But sometimes I’m in the mood for a different porky snack. On our recent camping trip to the eastern Sierras, I packed so many avocados and jalapenos, a ton of bacon and some barbeque sauce. This three-ingredient keto masterpiece is the perfect, yes gluten-free snack for happy hour around the campfire. Tossing these bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers on the campfire nearly every evening had us inhaling a spicy keto snack by sunset most evenings.

BBQ Bacon Avocado Jalapeno PoppersPhoto Of  Bacon

6 jalapenos, roasted, cut in half and deseeded

2 avocados

6 pieces of bacon

3 teaspoons BBQ sauce

Stuff each half of Jalapeno with avocado. Wrap each piece in bacon. Secure with a toothpick. Glaze with the BBQ sauce and bake in an oven on broil for ten minutes. Flip once the bacon is crisp and bake another 6 minutes. Or you can grill these on your BBQ or over the campfire if you are a dirty camper.