And Than Carly Tried to Murder a Husky

I’ve been hiking these Sierra trails all week. Little Carly dog and I have hiked over fifty miles in seven days so far. Carly has been unbelievably well-behaved. Not only has she been well-behaved but she’s eaten her food every afternoon like a champion not just flipping the bowl over like a toddler and glaring at me. ( At least that’s how I assume toddlers act.) I’m amazed at what a well-behaved young lady this beast has become.fall-3

Well aside from the terrible gas. She is not a well-behaved young lady in that department.

I’ve even called her sweet heart and princess a few times.

What the hell is wrong with me?

Am I drunk?!

Of course all good things must come to an end so I give you the following tale.

All week Carly has been an incredible trail dog. She has been a sweetheart and friendly and loving to every dog we passed. She has made so many new doggy friends. Today on the trail we met this fellow. He seriously looked so much like Candy, our other part chow dog we had at home. What’s weird is Carly and Candy do not get along. The chow in Candy makes her an angry old broad. For some reason Carly was obsessed with this Candy look a like! The dog and her polite owner went ahead on the trail heading back from The Little Lakes Valley. They were maybe a quarter-mile ahead of us on the trail and I had to have Carly on leash at this point as she was just obsessed with being with this dog, pulling me up and over every hill.

I was okay with that. I was quite tired as we had summited Morgan Pass In the morning and then continued way on pass Lower Morgan Lake until we reached gorgeous the Aspen groves near the JMT.

It was a long hike and a long day. We eventually returned to camp.

I thought Carly was tired.
I thought she would be well-behaved.

All day on the trail every time we would see another dog approach I would shout

“She’s a friendly dog!”

I got so used to saying that…
Tonight I was in our campsite pre packing for leaving East Forks Camp Site at Rock Creek Lake. There was a lady approaching with a big fluffy dog I had seen around a few times. Just by instinct I called out,

“She’s friendly, she loves other dogs!”

And than Carly went bat shit crazy. Thank God I had her on the tether!

I completely forgot that Carly loathes fluffy husky dogs!

Like I said our other dog is part chow and that means she hates every other dog on earth. She is an angry bitch. Candy especially hates the three fluffy huskies that our neighbors walk through our neighborhood every day. Of course when Candy starts flipping out Carly joins in.

When Carly saw the fluffy husky so close to our camp she completely freaked out and became a rabid beast!

It was literally so embarrassing as moments earlier I had yelled jovially

“She’s friendly! She doesn’t want to eat your dogs face!”

Thanks Carly. You made me look like an asshole.


  1. Eileen

    Hello, It sounds like a fun camping trip with Carly. I am sure all dogs have their bad moments. Cute photos and dogs. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a great day and week ahead!

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