An Airport Slumber Party

     It’s two a.m. Hawaii time and I would kill for a cup of coffee right now.

     Welcome to sleeping in an airport.
     My flight from LAX arrived in balmy humid Honolulu about four hours ago and I did manage a few hours sleep on the plane squeezed like a pretzel into coach. 
     I did however wake up abruptly as the plane hit some turbulence and my entire cup of water flew into my lap. That was the nice part of having an entire row of seats to myself… The H20 didn’t soak anyone but me!
     After I picked up my luggage from the baggage carousel I found a nice stone pillar to sleep atop of in the domestic terminal for a few hours but the constant airport announcements kept me awake and I finally relocated outside near the international terminal.
     I was in search of the gardens that this airport has spread throughout. My hope is to watch the sunrise from one of the gardens and I really, really hope I have hot coffee in my hands by than.
     Sleeping in an airport was a new adventure to me but it wasn’t honestly that bad. I bought a new 
Back packing pillow from REI and snagged a blanket from my first flight. One thing I had read online while planning this trip; sleeping in the Honolulu airport was reported to be chilly! In the middle of the night I would end up wrapping my body in all the sweaters in my luggage!
     But it really wasn’t to bad. Cold cement is no fun to sleep on and I forgot to buy earplugs but the Hawaiian music lulled me to sleep and I slept more than I expected too!