A Good Trade

   This morning before our four mile trot ( A combination of jogging and hiking, much like a mule would on sketchy mountain trails) my good friend brought me some Banana Poppy Seed Pancakes made with almond meal and coconut oil.
    I traded her some home made Coconut Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies.
    I love having friends who are so into their health and making healthy interesting foods.
    It has been so great this year making these new friendships that revolve around gluten free baking, or a new past time like juicing.
    I used to be that girl who liked to argue about politics a little and talk about horse racing a lot. These days my friends and I discuss coconut oil and the health benefits of Chia seeds and can you juice beet roots.
   It has really put a healthy edge to my cooking.
   These days I notice my pantry is stocked with almond meal, cashew butter, agave maple syrup and every coconut product imaginable.
    My refrigerator is full of Brussels sprouts (That I just steam and eat dipped in balsamic glaze) three kinds of lettuce and at least two bags of spinach to juice. I go through lemons and granny smith apples by the bag; I juice these most mornings.
   I feel so blessed to have these wonderful new influences in my life.