Pepper Jack and Bitchin Sauce Breakfast Sandwich

      My coworker told me she ran two miles with a jogger

      She was bragging about what a great full body workout it was!
      I told her I was going to do the same thing with my cat!
      She laughed
      I wasn’t joking.
      But on days when I don’t burn four hundred or so calories before work I make these healthy and so damn delicious breakfast sandwiches with chipotle Bitchin Sauce.
     You can also add turkey for added protein.

Pepper Jack, Egg and Bitchin Sauce Breakfast sandwich

2 slices whole grain bread
1 egg
1 tab Greek yogurt
1/2 tsp coconut oil 
2 slices pepper jack cheese
2 tab chipotle Bitchin sauce ( buy it at Whole Foods or Mothers Market
Whip the egg as the coconut oil is heating on the stove top.
Add the egg to the coconut oil, stir in the Greek yogurt until the eggs are cooked.
Toast the bread and top with chipotle Bitchin Sauce, cheese and the egg and serve.
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  1. Deborah Davis

    Yum! This dish looks amazing! I can’t wait to make this for my husband! Thank you for sharing this healthy and delicious Pepper and Bitchin Sauce Breakfast Sandwich with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop! I sincerely appreciate it. I’m pinning and sharing!

  2. Jessica Joy @The Fit Switch

    Oooh, I love your unique add-ins to the eggs. coconut oil and yogurt! I am going to try that today, and for my kids too…it will give the eggs more fill-up power! And, I am really curious about that bitchin sauce. We don’t have a Whole Foods in our city, but luckily it’s coming. YAHOO!!!

    1. Adrian Holloway

      Yea for getting a Whole Foods! I have to drive two hours to our closest one but when I do I stock up on Bitchin Sauce. Other healthy supermarkets may have it too. I know Mothers Markets carries it but that I believe is a So Cal chain. Adding the Greek yogurt to scrambled eggs makes them taste so good!

  3. Jebbica

    Sounds interesting! I would definitely try it. Question–how much is a “tab”? Thanks for stopping by my party!

      1. Jebbica

        Oh, haha! Never seen it abbreviated that way…I thought maybe it was some kind of mountain term like “dash” or “smidgen”, lol. I’m Southern so I’m all about the crazy measurements, but I couldn’t place how much a “tab” was…guess that was why. Thanks!

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  5. Bree

    These look so damn delicious! My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures. I love eggs/breakfast food so much. Definitely going to give these recipes a try!

    1. Adrian Holloway

      The sandwich is really great it’s one of my favorite fast breakfast ideas

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