11-04-08 A Flash Back

    November Fourth 2008 should have been a horrible evening for conservative voting me. It should have been, but it was not. It was the end of an era. The Republicans were being voted out of office. Even though I made a point to stand behind John McCain from the primaries, my heart wasn’t in it. I told all my conservative friends, really we had no shot. America was in love with Comrade Obama.
     From the primary elections I had been all about McCain, because well, he had more going for him then any of the other guys.
     I’m not a Libertarian so Ron Paul just wasn’t my guy, and I wasn’t a huge fan of Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney either.
    I wasn’t super crazy about voting for McCain but any one who wasn’t a socialist would do, in my book. I know this sounds horrible, but I really don’t remember now, why I liked McCain so much more. Well, that was  over three years ago and I have the memory of a squirrel.
   The night of the election I was stuck at work. It should have been an annoying evening to say the least as we watched McCain slip farther and farther behind and became aware that this country was changing. It should have been a sad evening. Everyone I was working with that night was a Republican, and we all drowned our sorrows together…. While bagging groceries.     Many bad jokes were made between every organic chicken I rang up and bagged. Between stocking free range hamburger and ringing up wild arugala I was racing back to the break room (Ahh, the days before Smart Phones) to look at the TV and see if this country stood a chance.
    Just last night I ran into B, an old friend that I used to work with, who is also very conservative. We had worked together on November Fourth 2008 and when I think back on our friendship, I don’t look back on that amazing Las Vegas vacation, margaritas in the pool, dinner at the Hofbrauhaus and thinking we had lost drunken B forever in a dark Las Vegas club. I think back to the night Barack Obama was voted in to office and the amazing friends who shared that evening with me and the way we were all connected that night in our political agreement.
     November Fourth 2008 was a night filled with laughter, as we stocked groceries, we cracked joke after joke about the bad fortune of this country to come, socialised medicine, the legalization of marijuana, etc. It was in all actually a great night at work, with great people and some real intelligent conversation.

     God, I miss that. All of my Republican friends I used to work with have moved on to other jobs at this point, and now all any one talks about is football and Justin Beaver.
     I  really miss having intelligent conversation at work with like minded people. I miss those days and my Republican friends. Now when I go to work and I make a joke about our state governor Jerry Brown or that awful ex mayor of San Diego Bob Filner I’m finding fewer and fewer faces at work  who even know who I am talking about or who seem to give a damn about this country at all. 
     It is really very sad.



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