Your Biggest Fan

     I’m a giant horse racing fan and I aways will be. My favorite trainer of all time is California legend Bob Baffert. A few years ago, I found out a friend of mine is actually related, by an ex marriage to Bob Baffert.
   Tonight I was sitting in my living room, watching horse racing, drinking wine and watching the shenanigans of the raccoons in my back yard when some friends decided to stop by including N. She had her daughter with her.
   I had the horse racing paused on a particular race that was taking place in the mid west with a well known California horse who was the favorite.
    My friends were totally mocking my intense love of horse racing when N’s daughter looked at me and said
    “Oh yeah, my uncle Bobby trains race horses”
   And I, being curious, was like,
  “Oh yeah, who is your uncle?”
   Than I remembered, duh, she is N’s daughter, her uncle is Bob Baffert and I am about to watch his champion Thoroughbred race as the favorite in this big stakes race televised across the country.
   It was kind of a cool moment as a sports fan.

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