Spring Training Update

It’s the first few days of spring in my mountain town and I’m still ninety percent couch bound. I have a follow up doctors appointment this morning and I’m hoping, praying the doctor will give me another shot of pain killers in my ass so I can have one day of feeling like a normal athlete again.

Of course if I get this shot and I feel normal I might allow myself to go on a walk with a friend later. Yes, I said it. A walk.

I was supposed to run my first marathon a few weekends back. That was my spring training plan. In the last two months I have done more sitting on the couch than standing, walking or running… Ha, what is running? I have not run in nearly two months, let alone done P90X, Insanity or any cross training. I think I’m at the point in a very slow recovery now where I may be able to start some very easy biking again.

I’m starting over with my spring training from the very beginning, from day one when I considered running two miles excellent. What happened to the girl who used to run ten miles before an eight hour shift at work?

I miss being athletic and this couch lifestyle is so not for me.


  1. The Frugal Exerciser

    Tomorrow I will be going back to spin class after a two month hiatus because of my knee, so I feel what you are going through. Thanks for linking up and I hope you come back. #wowlinkup

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