Obama hates Zenyatta

     Okay Obama, you’ve really pissed me off this time.
    Let me make one thing perfectly clear;
    Americans are not ready to eat Quarter horses!
    On Nov 18th, while most Americans had turkey on the brain, President Obama had other priorities; making it legal to once again slaughter horses for meat in the United States. On November 18th, Congress lifted the ban in a spending bill, and opponents of Mr Ed living out his days in a pasture in the rolling hills of Kentucky began cheering.
    Horse taco’s any one?
    Now, I do understand that opening horse slaughtering plants in the United States would put more jobs into the hands of the American people in states like Wyoming, North Dakota and Nebraska, that are suffering at this time in our nations history, but I think these are the kind of jobs that are out sourced to the Chinese for good reasoning.
   The horse is a symbol of the American West and the way America was.
    This country began to prosper at a time when the hoof beats of a quarter horse echoing across the plains was the sound of a job well done.
   Any one remember the Pony Express?
    Not to mention, in this country horses are seen more as pets then a luxury meat.
   What’s next, eating poodles and hamster’s?
     Most of the horses slaughtered in this country are the old and broken down. It really does not seem safe and it just seems kind of weird in these days of being so concerned about what goes into our USDA processed diet; a diet consisting of non corn fed, grass fed, organically grown, no antibiotics pumped cattle to talk about wanting to eat old used up race horses who are probably pumped full of Lasix and Corticosteroids, or steroids.
    For five years since the original bill passed this law into effect, Americans have been fine without a side of horse next to their mashed potato’s and gravy.
   Oh hold the phone, congress did allocate a few bucks to pay for horse meat inspections, which in the long wrong, will end up costing tax payer’s well over three million.
   Can’t we just eat Buffalo?
   Its leaner then hamburger and it just tastes so good!
    And let’s face it, buffalo are pretty useless. All they do is stand there, looking like a hairy mess in a field some where in Utah.
    Slaughter houses could open their doors in less then ninety days, and 200,000 horses a year could be slaughtered in the United States.  Pro- slaughters argue that in the last six years more horses have been abandoned since the slaughter houses closed. I can see that. I mean, Americans are okay with abandoning their dogs and cats in our forests, why not their horses? What I’m trying to say is some Americans are just dumb and heartless, clearly not responsible pet owners. News flash…. thousand pound animals eat a lot of f’ing hay. Don’t get a horse if you can’t afford one!
    What’s next, seeing bum’s in parking lots asking for a dollar so they can afford to feed Mr Ed and not send him off to the slaughter house?


  1. 3rseduc / handsinthesoil

    “omg” I was going to email you about this last night! But then I forgot to.
    I guess other countries love horse meat. ew.
    Is this Obama’s miracle cure to save the economy? Cause…it won’t make much money.
    I hope they don’t salughter the horses at the was-a-race-horse-now-too-old horse rescue places 🙁

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