Mt Whitney; 2014

     I’m resting
     I’m finally resting.
     My day started at four a.m.
     By 4:30 I had three liters of water in my pack and a hiking pole in each hand.
     I was going to summit Mt Whitney.
    I was headed up the Whitney Portal Trail with two friends and we had dreams of summiting in five hours.
    That might have been possible once upon a time in my outdoor life but this month of this year I am in horrible shape.
    I had plans to try to make Trail Crest where the John Muir Trail cuts into the Whitney Zone and if I could accomplish that I would be one happy hiker.
     We started out the bottom of the trail, switch back after switch back, we had one head lamp for the three if us so the going was a little tough ( and dark!) but we made it work and the sun was rising at that point anyways.
      The sunrise on a almost empty trail at 10,000 feet is just incredible!

     Especially nine hours later when you are finally resting with your feet in a crystal clear mountain stream!

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