I Know How Money Feels

     Years ago my friends and I took their Doberman hiking on a super hot day down a dusty trail.
     Money girl, their dog kept stopping on the trail and whimpering and staring at us with big sad eyes and it took us a few miles to figure out what was wrong.
     Her paws were burning from the hot dusty ground.
     I feel like Money Girl right now.
    The bottoms of my feet are cracked and bleeding; my own fault for hiking 24 miles in two days but you know what, I would not take it back for anything.
Every raging waterfall I hiked past and every beautiful pheasant family I admired made the miles and the 7,000 foot altitude gain worth it.
     I hiked through meadows filled with wild lavender columbine and 
     I pondered if how we caught a pheasant, stuffed some wild sage and wild mushrooms inside it, than made a salad with dandelions and pink thistle we would have a delicious and gourmet meal!
     But instead we just chewed our bacon jerky and Lara Bars and kept walking towards the next waterfall


  1. opinion8dhermit

    Your pheasant meal sounds good! I imagined wild edible meals as a kid. I remember eating elderberries in the Sierras while on a hike and they were delicious.

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