A is for…. Adventures at Subaru

    I’m sitting here at the San Bernardino Subaru Dealership waiting for my free oil change and horrible talk shows are playing in the back ground.
   I never watch this shit.
   And I mean this is pure shit.
    The T.V. show that is on right now is called The Talk and the hosts are making Is your Momma so Fat Jokes.
     They are also pondering when is it okay to joke to some one about their weight.
    This is on national T.V.
    The sad thing is I seem to be the only person in this entire building who finds this inappropriate.
   Maybe instead of acting like a ten year old child who doesn’t have the tact to know what is not appropriate to say on national television they should be covering the real issues that lead to obesity like diabetes or heart disease.
    I think it is completely inappropriate that a business is playing this bull shit for their customers.
    Also I miss the cats. (Before the nice new customer lounge with the horrible talk shows on the LCD flat screen T.V. at the brand new dealership, the old dealership had a ton of cats to pet all over the place that lived in the show room. I liked the cats; they never made inappropriate jokes)
    I was done writing but now they are talking about vibrators and I feel super embarrassed for this older lady in her sixties (She is very grandma looking) sitting next to me. This is why I watch nothing but horse racing. They never make inappropriate jokes about vibrators on TVG (Horse Racing Television)
    God I hate San Bernardino.

This month I’m doing the A-Z April Blogging challenge; which explains why today, the first day, the letter of the day is A.


  1. Mzuri

    Smiling … about the woman in her 60s …. who was in her teens or early 20s during the era of ‘free love,’ ‘flower power,’ and ‘make love, not war.’ Not to forget the books “Our Bodies, Ourselves,” and “All You Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask.” … but otherwise, I agree with your points.

  2. PandeMommium

    I seriously dislike that show as well. Talk shows make me weep for mankind, all I can do when I see one or my friends talk about watching them is sigh and hope that they still haven’t damages too many brain cells watching that crap.

  3. millvallison: mary allison tierney

    Those forced march moments in public waiting rooms can be hell. I would have been tempted to turn off the TV. A hotel I stayed in last summer in Texas had a tiny flatscreen in the elevator. Why? I turned it off every time we got in. Cats in the elevator would have been much preferred.

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