“Your Big Brother is not a Trampoline!” And Other Things I Yell

     I think one day my ten year old kitten Zion and my baby kitten Dahlia will be good friends.      
    That is not today however and Zion has had about enough of the babies shenanigans for one day.
    Zion gets hot in the summertime so he gets shaved and he suddenly becomes Zion the Lion.
    The problem is that baby thinks his poffy tail is a toy.
    She also takes advantage of the whole ten seconds that he decides to let her lay with him and use his body as a trampoline.
    See why Zion is upset with her?
    She has had a lot of adventures in the last few days.
    Like when she discovered this cute kitten in the mirror looking back at her.

    Or yesterday when she saw her first hummingbird ( Her first bird experience ever) and was extremely confused.
   She actually gets confused a lot.
   Like how she thinks her cat box is her bed.
   I think if she slept ever she would be less confused but since I brought her home four days ago I don’t think she has even slept yet.
   Life is very exciting for a baby kitten in a new place.