My Bathrooms a Zoo

     I’ve spent a lot more time in the bathroom today than I usually do.

     No I’m not having stomach issues.
     I have the cutest and sweetest tabby kitten quarantined in my guest bathroom and I just can’t get enough of her furry face. Even though she smells bad.

     My ten year old kitten Zion is dying to play with her.
     When I showed her to him from across the living room he stood up on two legs prairie dog style to try and be near her.
     He wuvs her.
     But unfortunately she came home from the shelter with microscopic ear mites so for the next few days she lives in the guest bathroom.
     Every hour or so I hear sad little mews coming from the bathroom and I go in to play with her for a little bit.
     Pretty much every time I go in the guest bathroom she is laying in her litter box even though I made her a perfectly nice bed.
     She still insists in sleeping in her potty.
     She’s my little weirdo.