When Bears Get Wild

     Trout love Velveeta and I love trout
     Day two of our sierras getaway saw the sun setting over Silver Lake and the fishes nibbling on Velveeta cheese.

     I obviously was not going to part with my precious goat cheese to share it with some delicious rainbows.
     Nature and all the fauna in the sierras and I were having a interesting few days.
     It started yesterday as I approached our camp ground and two bunnies ran out into the middle of the road right in front of me on the winding road to our camp site at Silver Lake.
They than proceeded to chase each other in circles ( in the middle of the highway!) in front of my car as I waited patiently for the bunny couple to get their shit together.
     I had just been fishing at Sabrina Creek.

    Two minutes after the almost flattened bunny incident I was back at camp and my fellow campers were asking me if I caught any fish.
     “No but we almost had rabbit for dinner!”
     That was last night.
     This morning we awoke to both doors open on my friends little Toyota compact car and bear prints every where.
     There was no food in the car so the bears did a little dance all over the car instead of pigging out. Avoiding a bear attack can almost be put on the tick list now!
      It was so Disneyland Country Bear Jamberee; or When Bears Go Wild.

     As we were cleaning the foot prints from the bears off the seats these guys showed up, Donald and Delia Duck, the friendliest ducks ever!

     They chilled with us for a few hours as we made a fire than breakfast.
     They were the friendliest little guys. ( and girls)
     Most trips I take to Silver Lake there are deer every where and it was surprising this trip that there were no does or bucks to be seen, only dancing Disney carton beers and overly friendly ducklings.