What Happens When you Drink Chipmunk Juice…

I thought I heard a person talking to me this morning on the Whitney Trail. I had been hiking alone for more than an hour. That would seem like to early to get the Mt Whitney crazies but I had been drinking Chipmunk Juice. (Jack 3D Work Out Supplement) I stopped at about 10,000 feet two miles up the Mt Whitney Trail to listen…

I heard the weird noise again.., and realized I was face to face with this little guy!

Yes, that bird had been just over my shoulder, close enough to catch the bird flu!

I’m assuming he was the male, uglier half of the grouse couple. He didn’t fly away when I tried to get a close up picture either! He just kept chirping like a little weirdo.

I’m pretty sure he was calling to his mate and not to me.

I know what he means. We hit the Mt Whitney Trail at six a.m. I had to give up in defeat at noon and turn around at Consultation Lake. My boyfriend went all the way to the summit at 14,505 feet and at five thirty in the evening I am still waiting for him to return!
I was back at the truck at two and two o clock was his latest possible arrival time. It’s now after five p.m. And I’m still waiting…

If he dosn’t show up soon I might start talking to myself just like that grouse!



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