We Smell Like Rainbows and Unicorns

Today for the second time in my thirty two years I ran 13.1 half marathon style. This time I trained a lot and although I did not feel as ready as I would have liked to be, I felt like I could accomplish my goal time of three hours.
The race day did not start out quite so positive though.
At midnight some rah rah bitch was screaming and giggling and shouting outside our hotel room door. And again at one. And also at two.
On a normal Vegas stay I would be the one drinking, partying, perhaps giggling in the hallway.
But today we are not getting drunk and partying our way through Vegas. However, I’m still going to play joker poker video poker in the hotel room. There’s no way I’m coming to Vegas and not gambling. At least when I do it form the hotel room my feet are resting and I’m in comfy clothes. Playing online will also brush up my skills for my next Vegas trip.
Today we ran a half marathon through Red Rock Canyon.
We would be myself and snowflake my tiny hundred pound blond fairy looking best friend. Seriously how she managed to look so cute prerace while layered in four old sweaters of her mothers that we would shed on the trail I’ll never know.
I’ve been training for this my second half marathon for months thinking it was a trail rum. This morning at four a.m. when we pulled our exhausted bodies out of bed (didn’t sleep at all, thanks drunk cheerleader types) I learned this was not a trail run but the 13.1 would be all on pavement. The longest pavement run I have ever done before this was 8 miles.

We had considered staying off the strip at a quieter hotel with more old people and yes more disgusting cigarette smoke like the SunCoast Casino where the race pick up was, but we decided to stay on strip.
Thank god we decided to stay on the strip with the partiers and not out in the boonies with every ones grandparents because last night when we drove to the SunCoast to pick up our free packets we discovered that the SunCoast reeked of cigarettes, so old school Vegas and gross.
We reached the incredibly smokey SunCoast Casino this morning at six a.m. and now it was our turn to giggle at all the partiers still going, drinking and smoking. Yes, we turned our noses up at them in our Asic running shoes and shorty shorts. (Oh wait, that’s just me, Snow Flake says I might as well just run in my under ware) As we made our way through the smokey casino to the buses we commented that it was much better playing gambling online at sites like domino99 than being in a casino. Why? Well, you avoid the crowds of drunken people and the clouds of smoke and it’s even easier to make money. We both agree online gambling sites like that are the way forward. We also laughed that we should apply our spray-on sunscreen in the casino to make it smell a little better. We also bragged that even if we are incredibly sweaty us runners earned that sweat; to a runner we smell like rainbows and unicorns!
Safely aboard the bus we were ready to make our last portapotty stop before the thirteen miles or so, have some sports drinks and a pre race snack and run.
It just wouldn’t be Vegas if the portapotties were not labeled Sin City Portapotties and believe me I left something sinful behind pre race.

After that I was ready to run.
The race began promptly at seven and we were running up the main road of Red Rock Canyon.

The views of the snow peaked jagged hills were epic as we ran deeper into the park. It had snowed the evening before the scenery was just stunning. I had been hiking briefly here a few years ago so had an idea what to expect but Snow Flake had no idea. Even though she was thirty minutes ahead of me as the race progressed I knew she had to be enjoying the fantastic views on all sides of us. The sky was still full of clouds and they stretched across the horizon as we ran these first few miles and the sun began rising behind the cloud cover.
The hardest part of this race for me was the beginning. I think I felt pressured by the other runners around me to run fast. I must have been running faster than normal because my ankles hurt so bad. They were aching horribly as I did the first few portapotty laps. As we ran up the road way among the tall red cliffs my ankles began to feel better and I started getting into my stride.
I’m a really slow runner which was fine on a day like today. I felt like I was taking a tour on foot of this epically beautiful canyon area and I took pictures none stop as I ran. It did slow me down a bit. I took pictures of a few other girls and ladies running and than texted it to their phones and it made me feel so good to see the bright smiles it brought to their faces. Marathon runners really are the nicest, genuine people.
As I ran up hill I had a huge smile on my face most of my run as I watched so many ladies in their sixties running this race with their best friends and I know that will be me and Snow Flake in the year 2040.

My morning run through the reds, pinks and white sand stones of Red Rock Canyon was just so gorgeous. I had such a fantastic time, even if I did finish at three hours and six minutes. Six minutes slower than my goal.
My Snow Flake met we at the finish line and we had a glorious smelly hug (Okay maybe we don’t exactly smell like Rainbows and Unicorns.) Snow Flake insisted she had just taken a deep breath of satisfaction and I had to apologize, no babe, that is just my armpit smell, sorry.
With that comment we boarded the bus back to the casino. After we excited the bus we walked like exhausted sore cowgirls back to the Subaru and drove off towards Vegas and our reservation at the spa.
Although most of Vegas was just waking up, we were halfway done with our day and ready for the next adventure awaiting us.


  1. mutterschwester

    Red Rock Canyon was the highlight of my only (so far) Vegas trip. That and winning $85 on the nickel slots. It’s an amazing site. Thanks for reminding me of it!

  2. SouthMainMuse

    That looked beautiful. Was there much of a climb or was it pretty flat. I love the feeling after a race — no matter what happens the rest of the day, I feel like I accomplished something.

  3. Amber

    One thousand feet altitude gain, what I had been training at, so not to bad. Such a fun race. Yeah I felt great after.

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