V is for Venison.. Part 2

Mt Baldy

Two days ago I was standing so close to the summit of Mt Baldy joking about venison. Man do I love me some venison. Throw it in a curry, slap it in a protein burger. Bambi’s may be cute but they are also delicious.Subaru

Until they destroy your car. But jokes aside there is nothing funny about a doe slamming into your car while driving up a deserted mountain highway. It’s almost twenty-four hours later now and we don’t have any venison burgers yet, I mean besides the twelve dollars a pound ones I bought at Whole Foods last week and that just seems a waste of one tasty, tasty deer.

What is crazy is that this particular Bambi slammed into my Subaru in the exact same place on our local highway that another deer committed suicide on my other black Subaru about ten years ago.

Note to self; Stop buying black Subarus.

Although this time the damage is way worse to my all wheel drive vehicle and I actually have to submit an insurance claim because my Subaru is completely fucked and barely driveable. I seriously can not believe my luck. Who hits two separate deer in the same spot years apart?

Only the Hungry Mountaineer. And no, she did not bring any fresh venison back. Now I’m stuck with a gas guzzling SUV that is not even four-wheel drive and now apparently you are not allowed to bring pets in rental cars anymore. Which is going to make it very inconvenient to take my pup hiking with me for the next two weeks while my Subi is in the local auto shop. Carly dog is not going to be-be thrilled to be left behind because of these strict Enterprise Rental Car rules.


  1. Susana

    Great post. I am so looking forward to the day when we are out of this military life and in our own place to do these things, even if it”s venison and not our own livestock. Loved the visual of you bear hugging the slippery carcass to save it from the floor! professional writing

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