Unbelievable Fall into Stinging Nettle

    I hike and run in our national forest which sits just outside my door all the time.
    You would think I would be aware of the painful make you itch, sting and your skin ooze disgustingly for days plants.
    Yet every spring and summer I find myself drawn to poison oak and Stinging Nettle like a bee to pollen. 
   At this moment I can’t feel three of the fingers on my left hand.
   Yes, this makes it harder to type.
    Yesterday while on a nature walk through a jungle of blackberry bushes, larkspur and wild yellow primrose at Manzanita Creek I narrowly missed falling into the creek. Luckily as I fell into a bush of Stinging Nettle I grabbed onto the nearest bush… of Stinging Nettle.
   Yes I grabbed the Stinging Nettle bush with three very painful now fingers.
    This was seriously five minutes after I had remarked to my hiking buddy that I always get attacked by Stinging Nettle, yet after all these years I really have no idea what it looks like.
   Now I know.
   I will never forget April 18, 2013, the day I realized what Stinging Nettle looks like.
   I have it on both hands and one leg, by the way.
   It has been twenty four hours now and it still stings.
   I was looking up Stinging Nettle cures on line and I’ve already tried a few of them, tape, mud, freezing cold water.
   Ask Yahoo tells me I should urinate on the stinging part.
    I’m not that desperate yet.
    Not yet.


  1. LSS

    If you want to find the stinging nettle just drink a creekarita!! Can’t wait to have this baby so I can enjoy hiking and creekaritas once again!

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