The Perils of the Spice Lifestyle

I’ve always been a fan of spicy foods. I remember when I was a kid going to my best friends house for breakfast and watching her dad put tabasco on his eggs.

So I tried it. A fan of all things spicy was born. I don’t care if its adding roasted jalapenos and serranos to a meal or just a sprinkle of my favorite hot sauce but eighty percent of the time my meal needs to be spicy.

Sometimes this back fires.

My friend Mary makes the best honey pickled jalapeno in the entire world. I finished off my last jar of them one summer morning and didn’t want to be a pest so I thought I would boil my own jalapenos and serranos, use the reserved jalapeno “juice” from my bottle and not have to bother my friend for another bottle so soon (Since obviously I am addicted to the things)

Sounds like an easy plan right? Except I must have picked out the spicest serranos on the planet because as soon as they started to boil the pepper stench was so thick in the house that I was choking and sneezing on it. It was terrible! Even worse, my boyfriend and his daughter were due home from work in half an hour! I was in a complete panic to make the house not reek of peppers in that half an hour.

The none stop sneezing wouldn’t have been so very bad but this was a month before I ended up having back surgery over the summer and my sciatic nerve was absolutely killing me and every time I sneezed it was like a million little knives shooting down my leg!

I  sneezed fifteen times in ten minutes!

Oh the perils of living the spicy food life!