The Nicest People; Quite a Change!

       25,000 feet above Australia and I just had my first Australian meal. Yes, it was airplane food.  I obviously wasn’t expecting much but in according with everything I had heard about Australian food it was pretty bland.

     So many things about Australia so far remind me a lot of England. The breakfast I had on Qantas this morning seemed highly influenced by the English breakfast of beans and toast ( a breakfast I absolutely love by the way.)
     My breakfast included Australian mango apricot yogurt ( my favorite part of the  meal) a creamier yogurt than American style but not quite as good as Mueller’s or German style yogurts.
     As we flew above the farmlands of eastern Australia I pulled back the foil on my hot dish and discovered beans with potatoes, creamed spinach, a poached egg, very English style bacon and hollandaise sauce. The beans intrigued me the most but I’m terrified to eat anything with that much fiber on a plane. So I had a tiny nibble of both the beans and spinach ( which were both great, and why don’t more people add creamed spinach to breakfast? Genius idea!) I than moved on to the egg ( eh, did not taste like much) I’ve never been a fan of English style bacon ( it tastes like diet bacon; does it even come from a pig? Maybe this is what GMO bacon tastes like) but I tried it out anyways. I was completely starving by the time they placed this meal in front of me. I would have eaten about anything at that point but it was not an impressive first meal.
     What Australia is lacking in dining it makes up for in the friendliest people I have ever encountered.
    This morning I was attempting to charge my phone briefly at a pay phone. I didn’t want to buy an adapter if I really didn’t have to invest in one and the only place to charge my iPhone were the  USB adapters in the cell phone banks.
     I had been charging my phone for maybe ten minutes and was honestly just about done and I had to catch my flight anyways.
     An older woman, grandma kind of age walked up to the pay phone and was about to use it. I unplugged my cord and attempted to move
     ” Oh no dear, please don’t go! I don’t want to intrude!” She said as I explained I had to catch a flight anyways.
     As I turned to walk away she gave me the biggest smile, grabbed my arm and gave it a squeeze,, I swear she almost hugged me. It was the nicest encounter. And I swear every person I speak to here is exactly like that!