The Best Things to do With a dog in Big Bear Lake

If you are anything like me, you might take your pup everywhere with you. Camping? Of course, pack the tent and bring the puppy! Hitting one of our awesome southern California beaches? It better be a dog beach like Fiesta Island in San Diego! Planning a trip to Big Bear Lake California this springtime 2023? So what are the best things to do with a dog in Big Bear Lake?

How about hiking with a local nature guide through the alpine trails of Big Bear Lake? A local hiking guide located in scenic Big Bear Lake California may know the best mountain treks for you and fido to take those adorable selfies on the Big Bear Lake trails. Booking a trek with a well-known nature guide is a great way for you and your pup to experience the awesome scenery and wilderness of the San Bernardino Mountains. Looking for the best off-the-beaten-path treks to let your pup run off leash? A local nature guide is the person to ask!

So what are the best things to do with a dog in Big Bear Lake?

Well, hiking obviously has to be the best adventure to have with your Fido or Champ while on holiday in Big Bear Lake. Aside from hiking, the camping in Big Bear Lake is second to none and all campsites in Big Bear Lake are dog-friendly. For an off-the-beaten-path doggo adventure check out our yellow post campsites. Each of these hidden campsites is hidden deep in the wilderness. A four-wheel drive vehicle is required to visit some of the most remote ones. These hidden campsites are remote and in stunning mountain locations.  There are 13 yellow post campsites sprinkled around the wilds of Big Bear Lake.

Hidden springs in Big Bear, A locals secret

The hidden Jacoby Springs area is a great place to let your dog swim in the early spring but how on earth do you get there? Have you heard of the hidden sluice ponds at Holcomb Valley? These also make fantastic swimming holes for your water-loving pup in April but where are these hidden gems located? Even the All-Trails app won’t tell you where these hidden local’s secrets are. The best things to do with a dog in Big Bear Lake can be off the beaten path and a local secret. Where is the safest spot to let your pup run off-leash? Is there fresh snow for your pup to frolic in? Where can you park without getting a ticket or towed? And what about safety concerns? Booking a trek with a local hiking guide is a great way to learn which trails are safer for your off-leash dog.  Which areas have fewer rattlesnakes in the summer months? And which trails are relatively cactus-free in this high desert forest?

A dog’s snowy winter wonderland

My personal favorite season to let my pup enjoy the beauty of Big Bear Lake is in the winter months. Rattlesnakes are hibernating and there is so much snow my pup can run off-leash and chase all the squirrels and jackrabbits. One of the best things to do with a dog in Big Bear Lake is let your dog, well, just be a dog on those snowy trails. The trails can be very hard to follow if you are out snow hiking or snowshoeing in the winter months. Having a professional hiking guide along on your adventure can make or break your snowy day outdoors.

The best wildflower hikes in Big Bear LakeBig Bear Lake short-term rentals

Springtime in Big Bear Lake is the absolute best for you and your favorite four-legged friend to explore the trails of this high-altitude community. So what are the best things to do with a dog in Big Bear Lake in spring? Booking a high-altitude trek with a local hiking guide like The Hungry Mountaineer is the best way to find the best-hidden locals-only hikes off the beaten path. And just a bonus; When you book a tour with the Hungry Mountaineer, order a box of our homemade Sweet Potato Chicken Dog Biscuits for your furry friend to enjoy mid-hike! Our hiking guides even offer all-day adventures trekking to the top of San Gorgonio for the most athletic pups! San Gorgonio is the highest peak in southern California and this is just a gorgeous wildflower-studded hike in June and July. This is a great hike with dogs as there are multiple creeks flowing here year-round.

Springtime in Big Bear Lake means fields of wildflowers. Super bloom in Big Bear Lake? Yes, please! With all the rain Big Bear Lake experienced this past winter we are expecting a great super bloom as springtime approaches. So where are the very best places in Big Bear Lake to take your pup for all those Insta-worthy selfies with blood-red Indian paintbrush and sunshine yellow fields of rabbit brush? A local hiking guide can plan a hiking trip to the best place where the beavertail cactus flowers are blossoming this week. And all of these trails are dog-friendly!

Looking for hidden creeks and springs for your pup to frolic in? The Hungry Mountaineer knows exactly where to take you! Have a less social dog and just want to go for a hike away from other tourists? There are so many hundreds of scenic hikes in Big Bear Lake that most tourists never, ever see. I highly recommend booking a hike with a local guide if you and your pup truly want to experience the best things to do with a dog in Big Bear Lake.

Big Bear Lake is a family-friendly place for fun and adventures year-round! Looking for more fun activities in Big Bear Lake California? Check out

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