The 2014 World of Dating # I would rather Hang out with my Cat on a Friday Night

    It’s kind of embarrassing but yes I have a Twitter account.
    I will be the first to admit I do not understand the first thing about Twitter.
    Like the whole hash tag thing; I just don’t get it.
    A few months ago while I was still doing the whole single thing I found myself very confused by the social media world we live in today.

    I hate to sound like one of my parents but I’m about to buy the book Twitter For Dummies. ( I must be old school, speaking of buying a actual book and not downloading it on a Kindle!)
     One day, months ago, while fully immersed in the world of texting I encountered a new problem.
    Guys who text in hash tags.
    Yes this is a real thing!
    I figured out while being set up on a blind date with a random friend of a friend.
    True story, real text:

                        #So looking forward to meeting you# First date fun# yea!

    What am I suppose to text back to this?

    Creepy guy# way to into social media for me#guess I’m sleeping with Zion tonight#


  1. opinion8dhermit

    Yeah lol I’d sleep with Zion too. I thought I was the only twitter dummy! Mike said, oh the # indexes stuff…i was like, is that like a blog tag or sesrch term for google? He said yeah, kinda. But i dunno….do i go on twitter to lookup #firstdatefun. ? if so…well why would i look up # anything in the first place? Then why would i want to look at 3 million strangers twitter statuses about a firstdate? Perhaps I am missing the whole point.

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