That Ruckus in San Diego

What’s more fun on a Saturday night in San Diego than pushing a half dead Subaru through hordes of Padre’s fan’s after a day at the race track? While the drunks of San Diego heckle yours truly?




A two day trip to San Diego should not be filled with this much adventure.
It should not include bargaining for the cheapest tow truck around.
It should not include two great friends pushing my Subaru through the crowded Padre’s fan filled streets of San Diego.
It should not include being heckled by drunks outside a bar for hours while waiting (Parked illegally in a red zone) for hours for a tow truck. It was a bad experience and I know that if I was closer to Miami, I would definitely have called Towingless in Miami instead. They would have sorted us out. The company we used in San Diego were awful and extremely expensive.
You know what Mr loud Obnoxious Drunk? Yes I realize that bar has two for one drinks, and yes I realize you have had like eight of them! Believe me I could use a few drinks myself after that crazy evening in San Diego that went down!
The plan was to spend a fun filled day at the beach, hit Del Mar for a few races, then proceed down town to our hotel, enjoy some beers on the rooftop bar overlooking Petco Park, and end our evening dancing in a club in the Gas Lamp Quarter.
Some of these things did happen, but my car breaking down in down town San Diego was an un foreseen occurrence.
If crazy adventure’s were to occur I couldn’t think of two other girls I would rather be with than Nancy and Janette, coworkers of mine. The girls met me in our work parking lot Saturday morning and after grabbing a round of Starbucks, we set out in my Subaru for San Diego, a two hour drive away. We stopped at a little beach across the street from the race track to enjoy our picnic lunch of chicken salad, salami and cheese. It was a nice, slightly overcast morning for a beach picnic. We had plenty of time to drive across the street and make it through the front gate for the second race of the day.
This trip to Del Mar we had splurged and indulged in Club House admission, not quite the cheap seats. We found a Groupon that was a really good deal. Usually when we do a day at Del Mar we just hang out in a room on the fourth floor with a patio over looking the paddock. Even on the most busy days there are hardly any people up there. Its a great hidden gem of a place.
With our clubhouse passes we could get a better view of the races, we were way closer to the action. We soon learned though that the clubhouse was absolutely packed. Apparently a lot of people had purchased the same Groupon. It was nice to get half off admission but after a few races watching with wall to wall people, we soon moved up to the fourth floor where it was quiet and we could have seats in between races.
Trained by Myong Kwon Cho, a expensive two year old by Champion mare Squall Linda


My big bet of the day was ten dollars to win on a promising Lawyer Ron colt named Drill. Drill is trained by Bob Baffert, my absolute favorite trainer in all of horse racing, and one of the best trainers on the West coast. I had read a lot of good things about this young soon to be super star. This is the kind of horse that could debut today with Kentucky Derby dreams in his eyes. So, I went big and bet ten dollars to win; a big bet for me.


Trainer Bob Baffert and Jockey Martin Garcia


Sadly, Drill finished something like sixth place. Luckily for me though, I had Nancy to keep me laughing all day long. She used to be married, a long time ago, to Bob Baffert’s cousin, Peter, and ex manager of mine at work. All day long she kept calling Bob, Billy Bob, in her thick, thick Latina accent. Nancy cracks me up. She wanted to bet on all of Billy Bob’s horses. Unfortunately they all lost. The next day, at Monmouth Park in New Jersey Billy Bob had two winners and one second. It just wasn’t Billy Bob’s day, even though he normally has been winning with over 30 percent of his horses at Del Mar, a very high percentage.


All the party girls in the paddock

After Billy Bob’s horse lost we all decided we had enough gambling for one day. We checked out the horses for the San Diego Handicap. I didn’t bet on this one, good thing because Tres Borracho’s a huge long shot won. The horse had only won something like two out of his last thirty races! I would not have picked him. The girls and I took some pictures of ourselves in these giant Newcastle cups, than it was off to check into our hotel! Let the good times roll!

Here I am jogging on the training track at Del Mar, kind of cool that you walk across the track where the race horses train in the morning to get to one of the parking lots.

Remember this moment of me running on a race track with a big grin on my face. I would not be smiling like this again for many hours.
All of us girls piled into my Subaru Baja and made a beeline for our hotel in the Gas Lamp District of Down Town San Diego. Everything was fine until we got close to our hotel. I knew our hotel was down town and had an awesome rooftop bar with views of the city. I had no idea our hotel was right next door to Petco Park. I also had no idea that a Padres game was just starting and every one way street was closed, there were people everywhere, and cops everywhere and every parking lot was full. This would come to be a issue in just a few minutes. I accidentally drove right by the hotel, and was trying to go around the block, when I realized the street I wanted to go down was closed. Shit. Than, suddenly my car had no power. WTF? Oh whatever, I’ll go down the closed street anyways, I thought, turning on my flashers. Something was wrong. I made a left onto Market, the major street near our hotel. That’s when my clutch pedal seemed to get stuck in. At this point I was doing illegal things left and right, I had bigger problems at this point. Like trying to make it through a major intersection with no power and no clutch. This is when Janette and Nancy got out and started pushing my Subi.
Let me tell you a thing or two about Padres fans. They will not stop to let a broken down Subaru with flasher’s on back into traffic. I was almost hit by numerous people, just so impatient to get to the game it was ridiculous! I’m actually more surprised that we avoided a collision because people were acting so crazy. Now, I understand why they call it road rage! But it was dangerous and it was scary, and someone could’ve been really badly hurt. If there was a collision, you can bet that I would’ve been straight onto my insurance company, that is similar to Allstate Auto Insurance (check out the allstate insurance review here) to see what type of protection I have in case I had to repair damages to my car or to cover the cost of hospital bills. If I had to, I definitely would’ve done this, but out of pure luck, we managed to avoid any collisions by people who were just so impatient. Luckily a couple of nice guys helped my friends push the car into one of the full lots. That’s when two things happened. My engine started smoking and I got the clutch pedal un stuck. I thought we were going to be okay. Ha. Famous last words. I was in full panic mode at this point, but just so happy the clutch was unstuck, the smoking engine was an after thought. For one minute, I thought maybe I had fixed the problem? Than my engine started making a very bad noise. That was right before the engine cut out.
I got my Subi started again and we started to make our way near the hotel. That’s when the clutch pedal got stuck again. I was behind a cop at this point. I put my hazards on, and opened my door to un stick the clutch. The cop took off, didn’t even notice and cars all around me are honking like crazy. Really? Why would you honk at some one who has their hazards to? Obviously they are having a way worse day than you. Plus the cop took off without a care in the world. There were cops everywhere down town, but not one stopped to help in all this bullshit, not even when I was parked in a red zone for like two hours.
At this point my car wouldn’t even turn back on. Janette and Nancy pushed my car through the intersection and we parked in a red zone right outside a very rowdy bar. For the next two hours I would be constantly heckled by a very loud,very drunk man who was pretty sure Subaru’s were made in Sweden. I’m pretty sure he was thinking of Ikea. The good news? Our hotel was right across the street!
The bad news? When I called Triple A they informed me I only had seven miles of towing privileges and after that it was going to cost me $700 to tow my car back to Redlands. Ouch. Luckily, Nancy called our friend Noe and he has a friend with a tow truck who offered to tow me back to Redlands for $300. Nancy and Janette walked over to our hotel and asked if we could leave my car outside over night and the hotel said it was fine. They had a yellow curbed parking spot right outside luckily, and we had Triple A tow my car (It was within seven miles, more like half a mile with going around the block) to the front of our hotel.

Believe it or not, I was to stressed out to take a picture of my Subi broken down on the streets of San Diego. I Know a first for me. It was at this point I declared I needed a beer! We finally got to check into the hotel, hours after we meant to. Unfortunately our reservation was screwed up and we got one king bed instead of the two queens I had requested. It appeared the hotel was 100 percent booked. Kind of strange it seemed, considering I barely saw another guest the entire time we were there.
At least our hotel room appeared to be awesome. Of course that was before I went to take a shower and discovered all the rolled up towels in our room were small towels. So I dried off with about six small towels. When I got out of the shower the girls had already requested more towels… All the towels they brought us were also small! So I called down stairs and explained the situation and some one who worked for the hotel came up and told us they were 100 percent booked and that’s all the towels they had. I swear this guy did not understand why we were not enjoying our twenty or so small towels. I should have taken a picture of all the little towels. We had so many, it was ridiculous!


Our room, before it was filled with a million little towels

It was at this point that we all decided to relax and make the most of a night in a really nice hotel. The hotel room was non refundable, so there was no point in going home a day early. Might as well enjoy it. We got ready for the evening and headed up to the amazing rooftop bar???.


She’s so excited! That we missed the game!


Its really to bad that we didn’t make it up to the rooftop bar earlier. Janette is a huge baseball fan and we would have had a perfect view of Petco Park and all the rude Padres fans! You can’t really see the stadium in the back ground, but it is directly behind Janette in the pictures. We had a great time enjoying a few beers on the out door patio.

And Janette’s still pointing

The best part was when Janette first walked outside to meet us. Sarah and I were waiting for Janette and Nancy out on the patio. There was a huge group of like ten guys sitting right next to us. Janette walks right up to them and loudly proclaims.
“This is amazing! How incredible!”
All the guys thought she was talking about them. She had to explain she meant the view. Okay the guys were nice too.

Giggles made a new friend!

We spent the rest of our evening dancing the night away in the heart of the Gas Lamp District. At least we had a fun night after all the car drama we had been through.

The next morning I hoped in the oldest tow truck I had ever seen outside of Mexico, and was towed back home to Redlands on a rainy summer day. God, I love the rain! Its hard to be to upset when its pouring rain and not 104 degrees on a July morning.