I’m a Tulip Hating Monster. Why I Hate Springtime

I’m not the kind of person who enjoys springtime. I know, I know I sound like a tulip hating monster but I just love winter time and snow days and Christmas nights and my North Face snow boots so much. Every year as March starts to dawn and the days get a little less chilly I feel SAD. Yes, that is my version of Seasonal Affection Disorder.

It may be absolutely gorgeous in our mountain ski town as the snow is melting quickly on the southern slopes and the lake is starting to fill up as springtime really starts to approach but I would just love a few more feet of snow in our mountain towns.

This morning I tried to embrace springtime just a little bit by going for a run in my Ugg boots and then mountain biking through a lake.

All in a springtime days work for The Hungry Mountaineer!

I spent all morning stacking wood in the back yard and then making our household staples like boiling  eggs, making homemade salad dressings and homemade hummus. Than I cleaned up piles of cat puke and sprayed off the rugs with the hose. It must be spring time if its warm enough to leave the hose out at night without it freezing and exploding. After being gone at work all weekend there were about a million chores to work on before I could get some actual outdoor exercise in.

So I may have been a bit scatter brained when I left with the pup for a quick trail run. I was literally steeping out of my car on the trail six miles from my house when I realized I was still wearing my Ugg boots from that morning. I had already driven two miles up a dirt logging road at this point and was not going to waste the time to drive back home.

So I went for a run.

In my Ugg boots. The only one there in the forest to laugh at me was my dog. She was to busy running like a mad pup through puddles and splashing me to care. And to answer your question, no I did not scream

“No, not my Uggs!” Like some kind of girly girl when she splashed mud all over me. My maroon Ugg boots are about twelve years old and you can barely tell they used to be Uggs. This was my springtime adventure part one this morning.

Than I decided to go for a mountain bike ride (After changing out of my Ugg’s and actually back into my running shoes) and discovered the dry lake bed I usually bike through was still actually a lake. It started off dry and okay in the beginning, next thing I knew I was halfway through the lake and biking through mud and water up to my ankles. My pup was not here to splash me this time; To bad because she would have loved this!

It was a full day of spring time trying to shove itself down my throat but you know what: It didn’t work! I could still deal with a few more feet of snow!