On Walkabout in the Great Southwest

There are a lot of odd things about Southern California but one of the top ones is that people who live in smoggy, hot, humid Southern California rarely leave. Myself I don’t get it, why not escape from this barren desert as often as possible? We have many municipal airports at our disposal. Here in the 909 we live just off the 10 Freeway that connects us to Arizona, Colorado and the rest of this beautiful country and yet those that live from Palm Springs to Riverside seem unable to sprout wings and explore.Their loss is my gain I guess as the highways of the southwest were barren this weekend as we explored areas of the great southwest this morning. We explored the grand red rock cliffs and burnt red canyons penatrating deep into the rusty land as far as the eye could see. You would expect to see water in these deep canyons snaking between Arizona, Utah and New Mexico before meeting up with Lake Powell but all we saw was empty dirt dust dry canyons, deserted highways and the red dust of the south west.Southwest

This is Navajo country and the towns are tiny outcroppings of 100 people as the sun bakes the land in the hundred degree winds and we fly faster towards Lake Powell.

Well that is until I get the tow car stuck in the hot Utah sand as I’m trying to find a camp site on the Colorado river.

The people of Utah are friendlier then you could believe as they help me pull our SUV out of the desert sand and summer vacation can commence again.

Campsite found it’s time to wander our way through the prickly sage weeds of the Utah riverside to the mouth of the river and time to relax! I mean if your idea of relaxation is throwing this bitch in the Colorado River!

This dog can hike 20 miles in a day but try to make her swim in Lake Powell and she is the words biggest baby.

All in a day of fun in the great American southwest!


  1. Susan Highland

    I live in So CA too and drive the back roads 25 minutes to Temecula. There are all kinds of horse trails and places to enjoy the outdoors (not to mention the wine(, and it’s so close to home!

    Enjoyed your post, and love those places, but not in the HOT summer! #singletrack #getoutside

    @desert_dance on Instagram

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