Sour Dough Pancakes ( Breakfast in Alaska)

    I had these Sourdough Pancakes in Talkeetna Alaska in 2003. They were the best pancakes I had ever had and I had been dying for years to make them myself but could never figure out how to get my hands on sour dough starter. I found sour dough on E Bay last year and my prayers were answered.
   In June of 2003 I enjoyed these Sour Dough Pancakes on an eighty degree Alaska morning soaking up the midnight sun’s rays in a little country town called Talkeetna.
  Talkeetna felt like home to me. 
  It’s a pine tree surrounded hamlet in between the metro hub of Anchorage and still a big town, but with a little sleepy small town feel, Fairbanks. 
   Talkeetna is a town of about six hundred people just on the outskirts of Denali National Park. It is also the small town that sits at the base of Mt McKinley. It also has an amazing selection of restaurants. Seriously, the four days we stayed in Talkeetna we ate at every restaurant in town and they were all extraordinary. 
    I’ve always been a huge sour dough bread fan and never dreamed that a sour dough pancake existed before Alaska. I didn’t even know that sour dough was a product of Alaska!
   To make this breakfast authentic, you must serve these with reindeer sausage of course.

Sour Dough Pancakes

2 cups sour dough starter
2 tab sugar
1 egg
4 tab vegetable oil
1/8 tab salt
1 tsp baking soda

Make the starter ahead of time, according to the directions. Mix the baking soda with just a bit of water with your fingers. Mix the baking soda mixture, the sugar, the egg, oil and salt. Fry each pancake up in butter and serve with warm syrup or elderberry preserves.