Somewhere between Mexico and Canada

Unseasonably warm early March days make me want to run the trails of these mountains.
I want to take advantage of the warm forty degree days before the next snow storm rolls through these hills.
It was an almost sunny day to run the Pacific Crest Trail from the Deep Creek Bridge to 3NW a dirt trail that comes out near Green Valley Lake.
I got a super late start, only did six miles this day and left one of my favorite sweaters on the trail behind me, but it was still a glorious winters day run.
In the middle of no where, on the Pacific Crest Trail, some where between Mexico and Canada, I came across this really cool water pump.
I didn’t try the creek water as, you know, yea, giardia, but it looked refreshing.
What a weird sight to find out in the middle of no where, miles and miles from any road.


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