Only in America

      You know what’s great about this country we live in?

      We have so many personal freedoms.
      And a hell of a lot of people are taking advantage of those freedoms tonight.

We have the right to peacefully protest. Yet instead of peacefully protesting a lot of young Americans in the mid west are burning cop cars tonight and looting small businesses.

      I’m sitting here on my couch using a heating pad on my aching back because I just worked an eight hour shift on my feet and with back pain the whole time, just like I do most days. I work this hard to pay my bills and stay out of debt and live happily ever after; the American dream.

       A friend posted this on FB earlier today and yeah, seems about right.

       I’m watching police in Bulletproof vests and riot gear trying to control the violence in Ferguson Missouri tonight and I’m saying prayers for those cops who are not appreciated and spending their night before Thanksgiving out on the cold streets, just trying to do their jobs.
     Days like this I’m embarrassed to be an American.
      I’m embarrassed that the rest of the world is looking at these idiots destroying, tearing apart and burning down their city in the name of “making a difference”

      Only in America can you try and shoot a cop who has arrested you and be considered a “victim”

       I have family who are cops. I have friends who are cops, and I know what a horrible desperately hard job this is, and I can not personally imagine how they get up every day and go to work and see the things they see day in and day out and try to help people who would rather commit crimes.