One Month to San G Part Three

I think I’m going to see a lot of sunrises over the lake this July.

In one month my boyfriend and I are suppose to summit Mt Whitney. I hate to admit it but this year, a summit is probably not going to happen for me. I’m having spine surgery exactly one month before our trip. The procedure I’m having is outpatient and my doctor expects me to recover in as little as two weeks if everything goes well, but still, if this surgery somehow gets me back to normal, and I pray it will; that will give me two weeks to train up to climbing the tallest mountain in the lower forty eight states! What has me worried, really, is that I am going to have to train for this hike in July! That means the temperatures will be in the high eighties every day! I am the biggest wuss when it comes to heat and it is going to be very hard for me to hike up the miles when it is that hot! I see many mornings of me getting up before dawn to get these hikes done and be on the trail at sunrise.

As much as I am looking forward to a week in the Sierra Nevadas I am not looking forward to getting up when its still dark.

Although this is the best time of the morning to see wildlife, get the best photos and the mountains are just so gorgous at sunrise.

I absolutely can not wait to hit the trails again. It has been killing me to be stuck on the couch for a large part of the spring and most of June so far.

But I think I’m going to miss my old friend sleep. I’m spoiled these days after fourteen years of working full time and being lucky to get six hours of sleep a night.

I absolutely can not wait for this surgery to be over and to be pain free and finally be able to hit the trails again.

I’ve in been told by August I may be able to run again! ( fingers crossed!)



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