Cinnamon Kahlua Iced Latte

Do you know who isn’t going to waste a ridiculous amount of money on a stupid expensive Stanley tumbler? This travel blogger! I didn’t purchase my awesome Jeep Trailhawk with cash by making frivolous purchases. And yes Kiki, that is what a coffee cup that is the same price as a car payment is!

Here we are in 2024, our economy is still in the toilet thanks to our current president who has turned the White House into a glorified nursing home. I don’t know how Americans can afford their Teslas or those crazy expensive Stanley tumblers when meat is at a ridiculous price here in California. Heating your home is un-Godly expensive and if you like me don’t have an electric car, gas is more expensive a gallon than a Starbucks frappe latte. But no way will I be purchasing an E-Jeep anytime soon. I adore my Trailhawk and especially my V6 engine. My Jeep is absolutely fantastic off-road and on our snowy dirt roads this winter.

It’s interesting living and working in a ski town like Big Bear Lake. So many tourists show up here on a holiday weekend in their Teslas only to discover that we have maybe ten electric car chargers in our entire small town. I have a lot of guests who show up in a panic because they have no idea how they will get enough charge in their Teslas to drive back to the city. Not only that, but all these Tesla drivers have to wait in a stupid line to charge their electric cars and that in itself is a thirty-minute time waste! Who has an extra thirty minutes in their day to sit at a Tesla charging station and goof around on the TickTok while their vehicle recharges? I’m just not a fan of electric cars (Or this stupid expensive modern Stanley tumbler craze) as I read all about the destruction to our environment to mine litium. It’s horrifying to read about this child labor in the Congo just so Americans can drive a futuristic fuel-efficient vehicle.

Stanley cup
Jumping for joy, because I don’t drive a Tesla.

Things that are just as annoying as the Stanley tumbler craze

There are four things I find highly annoying. Number one is people who are so high and mighty about their Teslas. (Until they realize they are nearly impossible to charge in a small rural town) Number two, people with purebred dogs. Have you ever been to a kill shelter and seen all the dogs being put to sleep today? Number three, dogs with balls. Seriously, get your pup fixed. Don’t contribute to all the Huskies in our California kill shelters because yuppies who live in Palm Springs simply must have a selfie with their poor sweaty husky. And if you visit California ski towns, let your poor husky live his best life; Don’t put a sweater on him or doggy shoes. Number four, obviously yuppies drinking iced lattes out of their Stanley tumbler with their husky in a sweater in their Tesla that won’t charge on a ten-degree Big Bear Lake day with a dead battery.

After snowshoeing fifteen miles in the morning, seeing all things tourist ridiculous, I might need to recharge with an iced coffee. Yes, I said iced coffee in February! I am one of those weirdos who happily drinks iced coffees year-round. No, you won’t find me in the Starbucks drive-through, ready to refill my five-hundred-dollar Stanley tumbler with an iced frappe latte.

I know that all of a sudden Stanley tumblers are so very trendy. I guess I was trendy before it was cool to buy a ridiculously expensive Stanley tumbler. I’ve been using my thirty-year-old Stanley thermos I inherited from my neighbor for my snow play business for years. This Stanley thermos may be thirty years old but it keeps my client’s Baileys and coffee hot for a good eight-hour workday. You know what? Maybe I was trendy before it was even cool to be on the Stanley tumbler bandwagon!

Cinnamon Kahlua Iced Latte

2 shots home brewed espresso

2 teaspoons heavy cream

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

2 teaspoons of Kahlua (Or one shot if you like your coffee sweeter)

A lot of ice

I like to brew my espresso twenty minutes ahead of time and set it aside to cool. This way when I create my iced coffee drink the ice does not melt too much. This way my espresso-based drink still tastes like espresso. In your nutribullet pour your espresso, cream, cinnamon, and Kahlua. Blend until just a little frothy and pour over ice. Or you can pour it into a Stanley cup if you are bougie.


  1. Annie

    That is such a beautiful area, love the photos. And your latte sounds delicious, off now to go buy some cream!

    Visiting you from Happiness is Homemade #520. #1

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