My Love Affair with Collagen

Late July 2018. I woke up early, poured some coffee in my mouth and before you could say, wagbag, I was out the door, in the car and driving towards the trailhead.

Barely after dawn in the mountains of Southern California, I made my way up the steep trail in the morning light, heavy pack full of three liters of water on my back. It was going to be a long hiking day on the trail and I would probably need every drop of that water to replenish my tired body by mile 18.Collagen

Flash forward four hours later and I had just hiked to the top of a 12,000 mountain peak and my knees did not hurt at all. What the hell was going on here?

Four days prior I had agonized through an eighteen-mile hike up South Fork Trail and my knees and legs had ached most of the way up. I still had powered through the hike that day but my body hurt the entire time and it wasn’t the fun day on the trail I was hoping for.Collagen

Although I did eventually summit.

And then I met collagen. My best friend took me to Costco so I could buy all the things; Giant bottles of Pinot Grigio, organic cashew almond butter with flax and chia seeds and my own bottle of collagen.

The only thing I have done differently to my body in the last week is added collagen to my diet and even after just adding collagen to my smoothies for three days, I feel like I have the knees of an eighteen-year-old! My knees feel so great I feel like I could ride a horse! Something that has just absolutely destroyed my knees and left me walking like an old cowboy every time I try for the last three years. My thirty-eight-year-old knees have not felt this good in years and it is a dream come true!

Not only that, but collagen products for skin such as emepelle and similar brands make the skin looking a lot fancier, which come on ladies, as we get older who does not want to see better skin elasticity? Younger, healthier-looking skin and my knees don’t ache? I’m thinking collagen is some awesome stuff! Not only that but adding collagen to your vitamin collection can help prevent Alzheimer’s and prevent heart disease.

A month into my adventure with collagen and I can hike like I used to five years ago. My knees don’t ache, my joints feel great and I’m finding myself, at thirty-eight years old in some of the best hiking shape in my life!


  1. HoHo Runs

    I’ve just very recently started hearing about the benefits of collagen. My old lady hip hurts and I’d try anything to get that resolved. It’s amazing how quickly you felt the benefits! Thanks for linking.

  2. Wendy

    Which collagen product are you using? I’ve tried a couple different ones but I’ve only found Great Lakes Gelatin to work for me. I have RA and I’m a lot older than 38 but my knees feel pretty good!

    1. Post
  3. AmyC

    Congrats on feeling amazing after your summit! I just started adding collagen to my morning coffee in the hopes that my knees will feel better too. (crosses fingers)

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