My Little Chipmunk

My boyfriend calls me his little chipmunk. This is not normally a complement. It’s normally something he says when I’m in the middle of cleaning the house, shaving the cats, making three types of salad dressing at the same time and also roasting some vegetables or possibly making home made cat food. ( Because besides being a chipmunk I’m also a crazy cat lady)

Today I realized that I actually inherited the chipmunk gene.

My grandpa has been in the hospital for most of a week now and my grandma has been there at the hospital with him every day. I drove down to her house to take her back down to the hospital this afternoon.

As soon as my 85-year-old grandma opened the front door the first thing she said to me was

“I just stained the front porch this morning! Doesn’t it look great?!” My 85-year-old grandma funneled all her stress into manual labor this morning after probably not sleeping for days and being to stressed out to sleep.

I hope and pray I’m still going like the energizer bunny ( or chipmunk) when I’m 85.

A wild ding dong; not a chipmunk.