Monster Eggs; or Why Dad is not allowed in the kitchen

    One thing in life is guaranteed.
    No not death.
    Not taxes.
    If Dad is in the kitchen, Mom is pissed off.
    My Dad loves to cook and bake and it makes my clean freak mother crazy.
    There is one thing my dad has always cooked very well;

    My Dad makes the best Monster Eggs.
    Monster Eggs are what growing up my dad would call making scrambled eggs in the microwave.
    Scrambled eggs in the microwave? It sounds so redneck, right?
    It does sound like kind of a white trash thing to do but on a busy morning it takes about sixty seconds to make Monster Eggs for a breakfast sandwich, compared to ten minutes to take the time to scramble eggs in a pan.
   Monster Eggs are less time consuming for a busy life style.

And my Mom finds it terrifying when dad makes Monster Eggs in the kitchen ( Perhaps that is how they got their name?)

Monster Eggs

2 eggs
1 tab Greek yogurt
1/4 tsp coconut oil

Beat the eggs and the Greek yogurt. Grease a bowl with the coconut oil. Put the eggs in the bowl, cover with plastic wrap and microwave forty five seconds at a time, stirring at each interval for about three minutes or until eggs are cooked thoroughly.


  1. Nancy Lowell

    I’m not sure how you’re making your scrambled eggs on the stove, but I can make mine is less time than it takes to bread to toast. Monster eggs sound scary! I think I’m with your mom.

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