Kittens vs Donuts vs Pitbulls ( Also recipe for Banana Nut Smoothie)

   The Subaru dealership used to be a magical place filled with kittens.
That was back in the good old days.
Now the kittens have been replaced with reality t.v. about pit bulls, the trashiest member of the dog family.
I miss the kittens.
There are donuts now, but I just had a delicious protein smoothie and a donut is the last thing I need at this instant.
Donuts are not a fair replacement for kitten.
Banana Nut Smoothie1 cup cocnut milk
1 tab almond butter
1 tab walnut butter

1 frozen banana
1 date
1/2 tsp cinnamon
2 ice cubesCombine all in the blender.


  1. Anonymous

    I so miss the cats. The popcorn machine is not a fair replacement. I preferred having the cats rub against my leg and purr! -from gretchen… google/blog accounts being persnickety.

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