Kentucky Derby Day Picks 2018

Kentucky Derby day means big hats, bourbon-laced drinks and betting on the ponies. Well, unless you are working trying to pick a few winners, make a few bucks and possibly hit that million dollars late Pick 4 at Churchhill Downs, then you may have to skip the Bourbon part.

This Kentucky Derby day found me with an awesome new derby hat. Original hat; Two dollars from Savers. Plus five dollars worth of ribbons, doodads and feathers from our local craft store and this majestic derby hat was born and I’m off to work, racing from in one hand and a big ass latte in the other. Kentucky Derby day tends to be a very long workday, full of ponies, fun and hopefully some big payouts.

One thing about Kentucky Derby day at Churchill Downs, there is a lot of money coming into this race track from across the country so exactas and trifectas will be paying more than usual. I don’t normally bet these, but I’ll lay out a few excellent exacta and trifecta boxes, always using an extra horse to try and make some big money on Kentucky Derby day.

Churchill Downs Picks

Race 6


Race 7


Race 8


Race 9


Race 10

Top pick of the day 8 Mask

Use 1,5,11,12 in trifectas

Race 11


Race 12

Top picks


Longshots for trifectas


Race 14


Santa Anita early pick 5


2. All