I come from a long line of Chipmunks…

My boyfriend is constantly reminding me that I’m a chipmunk and I need to settle down.
I have bad news for him; it looks like it’s genetic!
Today is my grandmas eighty fifth birthday. Last night she told me a story about how she was crawling up on the kitchen counters so that she could reach the cookie jars on the top shelf ( near the ceiling) She just needed to wash all the cookie jars.
My grandpa came into the kitchen; saw her scrambling around on the counters and yelled at her
” To get down! Don’t you know you are an old lady!”
Did I mention she is turning eighty five today?(null)
My grandma is absolutely incredible. Not only is she a breast cancer survivor but she still keeps her house in immaculate shape.
She did mention to me that she had to stop cleaning the cookie jars three years ago when she had chemo.
And my baby wonders where the chipmunk gene came from?



  1. GiGi Eats

    LMFAO!!! Chipmunks are ADORABLE so I don’t know why your boyfriend is “complaining”! 😉 Mine says I look like a monkey… I find monkeys to be VERY UGLY so… I am OFFENDED LOL!

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