Healthy Egg Rolls! Fried in coconut oil with tons of Cabbage and Spinach

As an adult I told every one I hate Chinese food.

Than I discovered vodka and discovered that egg rolls are so delicious and easy to make when you have the vodka munches..

Or v-unchies.

I seriously love egg rolls which is a completely weird thing for me to say as I grew up eating so much cheap Chinese food and completely despising Chinese food as an adult. As an adult I was always telling people how I despise Chinese food. Well sometimes things change. As in this week when I made these healthy egg rolls twice, plus kung pao chicken sautéed with a ton of cabbage plus orange chicken served over brown rice and red cabbage.

Are you seeing a trend here? I’m kind of obsessed with cabbage right now. When I make these egg rolls I make a ton of the stir fry veggies than I try to pack the egg rolls as full of veggies as I can and if there are veggies left over I serve them as a side to the egg rolls

Healthy Egg Rolls

1/8 cup chopped

2 cups almonds cabbage, chopped fine

1/4 cup shredded carrots

1 cup chopped spinach

1 serrano chili, chopped

1 package egg roll wrappers


1 cup coconut oil

In one tablespoon coconut oil stir fry the veggies with the serrano chili for five minutes. Add the almonds.

Place out the egg roll wrappers. Set a big scoop (I would say about a half cup) of the veggie filling in the egg roll wrapper. Use glue on the outsides of the wrapper to roll up the egg roll, pressing in the sides and gluing shut with the egg.

Heat the coconut oil and fry each egg roll on both sides in the coconut oil.

Serve with sweet chili sauce.