Chicken Tacos with Feta and Bitchin Sauce






     I live 63 miles from the beach.
     That is not just 63 regular miles; that’s 63 miles in Los Angeles traffic so that means I am at least an hour and a half from my closest beach on a good day.

     There are not a lot of days that I can wake up and go for a run on the beach but today was one of them.

     I ran a loop around Ocean Beach and out to the pier.
     I was so jealous of the people catching early morning fish out of the Pacific and next time I do a beach trip that needs to be on the agenda.
     A three mile run seems easy when you are doing it among crashing waves and running through beach sand. (Especially when you get to eat these tasty gluten free chicken tacos after!)
     I buy the Bitchin Sauce at Whole Foods; it’s my newest Whole Foods addiction. It’s main ingredients are almonds, lemon juice and amino acids; so good for you and so tasty!
Gluten Free Chicken and Feta Tacos with Bitchin Sauce

bitchin sauce1 chicken breast, seasoned with ground cumin, ground coriander and chili powder and grilled

2 tab bitchin sauce (Found at Whole Foods)
2 tab good quality crumbled feta
2 tab red cabbage, cabbage
1/2 tsp parsley, chopped
2 tab romaine lettuce, chopped
3 radishes
4 corn and wheat tortillas
2 tsp coconut oil







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